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Why My Travel Portal?

Centralized Commissions and Bills

My Travel Portal is a fast and flexible travel booking solution that caters to travel agencies across the globe. It specializes in helping travel agents book flights, hotels, busses, and other activities on behalf of customers. My Travel Portal allows agents to quickly receive commissions and define markups for airlines, hotels and buses by providing a centralized commission and billing interface for travel agents and by calculating the total markup amount for each airline. This allows agents to manage cancellations, deposits, commissions, funds, markup amounts and billing from a single platform.

Fund Request Automation

Within the solution, travel agents can manage sub agents, branches under agents and branch users. When the account balance required for booking falls below a minimum limit, an automatic email notification will be sent to the travel sub agents. Sub agents can then send fund requests, which will be allocated by travel agents based on the total account balance. Sub agents can recharge their account balances on their own through the payment gateways provided by travel agents.

Multi Filter and Tracking Optimization

Travel agents have the ability to search for flights that are domestic, international, one-way, round-trip and multi-city. They can filter flights based on the lowest fares, airlines, number of stops, price indicators, flight time, trip duration, currency, location, refundable fares and connecting airports. My Travel Portal allows agents to search for flights based on flex dates three days in either direction. With changing flight fares, travel agents can track the price of a flight through automatic email notifications and instantly book tickets for the flight.

Easily Inform Customers

Using My Travel Portal, travel agents can effortlessly organize and manage events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis utilizing a built in CRM. It allows agents to organize campaign events like public meetings, post on social networking sites, or email newsletters and update blogs. By promoting special deals and offers in this way, My Travel Portal increases the chance of retaining existing customers as well as new potential customers.


My Travel Portal allows agents to gather discounts from airlines, rental services, and hotels in order to pass those savings onto customers. Agents can clearly manage and define commissions and mark ups for various airlines and then share these mark ups with sub agencies and customers, making the process exceptionally transparent. The prices that are provided by the airlines and other services will be the same for all agents, sub agents, and branches.

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